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About Us

Property Asia Realty Ltd. is owned and operated by successful and experienced Real Estate Agents from your local neighborhood. Property Asia was formed in 2009, and we already have over 1,200 clients worldwide.



Our vision is to assist New Zealanders and new immigrants to purchase and invest in New Zealand property.



Using our professional knowledge and experience in this market, we connect buyers and sellers from New Zealand and overseas. To achieve our goals, we:


-          Promote, market and sell all types of New Zealand properties

-          Advise buyers and prospective clients on all kinds of issues, i.e. issues related to property, land, finance, development, and construction

-          Are responsible for listing properties, making offers, closing deals.

-          Deal with lawyers and banks for smooth settlement

-          Gain prospective local and overseas investors for New Zealand Real Estate market

-          Property management and rentals.

-          Connect our reliable international contacts with New Zealand businesses seeking to expand overseas, particularly to China



At Property Asia, our agents and support staff aim to provide the best quality professional service to our customers. Making the process of buying or selling a property as easy as possible for our clients is extremely important to us. We seek to provide a level of comfort to both immigrants and locals, which we achieve by employing agents who speak a variety of languages creating a diverse multicultural environment. At Property Asia, we take pride in putting our customers first, ensuring your goals and expectations are met.



Property Asia is a proud sponsor of Westpac Auckland Helicopter Rescue